Mike Cardy – Presentation Available

Michael Cardy (MSc.) is the Chief Technology Strategist for Red Hat Canada.  Mr. Cardy provides his clients strategic vision and thought leadership necessary to successfully navigate and realize their expected outcomes from investments in supported, open source-based software technology.  With his experience collaborating with many government entities and Fortune 500 companies across all major vertical industries as a global CTO for a large systems integrator and cloud services provider, Michael has acquired extensive expertise in designing and building hybrid cloud and digital marketing strategies.  Most recently, his primary focus has been on assisting his clients in preparing, developing and aligning technology and organizational resources supporting digital government.  By doing so, his clients are able to accomplish their transformational goals of enhancing and enriching their relationship with their citizens and rapidly delivering new digital services and offerings.   Michael emphasizes harnessing the power of open source software innovation as these technologies support standardization, holistic automation, new DevOps approaches and processes, and hybrid, cloud deployment models, all of which achieve the key business principles of accelerated value delivery and greater business agility, essential success factors for governments to strategically positioning themselves in the global economy.