Dr. Nadir Hirji – Presentation Available

Currently a Partner in Strategy and lead of PwC Canada’s Digital practice, Nadir focuses on driving enterprise value in organizations by reinventing the experience for organizations’ customers and employees. With an extensive background in transformation, he helps organizations use the power and potential of digital, enabling them to reimagine their business.

To achieve improved customer and employee engagement, enhanced sales and reduced process administration, Nadir helps organizations with shifting their customer interactions and employee processes onto digital platforms. His ability to help organizations define their future, develop a roadmap to achieve growth and profitability targets, gain executive alignment and employee buy-in, compresses the time to value creation.

Prior to PwC Canada, Nadir was a Partner at Jackman Reinvents and Accenture, where his work focused on helping organizations acquire, convert and retain customers. He started his career at Mitchell Madison Group and Razorfish in San Francisco, where he learned how the power of digital can be used to change business models and engage customers and employees in new and exciting ways. Nadir has worked with organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia across multiple industries.

Presentation – Digital Transformation: Not just about technology or citizen experience anymore