Rumon Carter – Digital Showcase Host

Hosted by the Rumon Carter, the Digital Showcase is an opportunity to experience how real business needs across government are being addressed by digital transformation and learn about the innovation that is taking place.

Now in it’s second year the Showcase will feature how three ministries have already embraced technology and created strong foundational components that can be adopted and reused throughout the public service. Come and hear their stories.

Notice of Work – Where’s my permit? Presented by Julie Chace, Executive Director at Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources.

A public facing suite of services offering a personalized dashboard, smart form technology, a document repository, application consolidation, a shopping cart, and online payment options.

Robotic Process Automation – Working side by side with bots. Presented by Ashley Balson, Director and Rob Morrison, A/Executive Director/CTO at Social Development and Poverty Reduction.

Bots can be scaled up quickly and inexpensively to support staff by running 24/7 doing repetitive, high volume work.

Tribunal Transformation Initiative: Citizen Focused Corporate Platform for the Civil Resolution Tribunal Canada’s First Online Tribunal. Presented by Carmen Zabarauckas, Executive Director and Daniel Darche, IT Project Director at Ministry of Attorney General.