Suzanne Adnams – Presentation Available

Suzanne Adnams is a Vice President, Analyst with CIO Research, working on the Leadership, Culture and People team. Ms. Adnams provides research, insights, advice and support for IT executives related to developing leadership skills, change leadership and working with teams and understanding culture. This extends to increasing awareness of elements that shape and change culture and addressing diversity and inclusion challenges.

In her previous role with CIO Research, she focused on strategic IT services and helping CIOs connect IT operational management to strategic business value.
Prior to joining CIO Research, Ms. Adnams was an Executive Partner with Gartner Executive Programs. She worked with CIOs in Western Canada, providing executive-level advice, guidance, counsel, direction and assistance to support the CIO role and helping members use Gartner resources to succeed in their organizations.

She has been working in IT since 1980, and she had more than 20 years of experience in IT management and executive roles in government and higher education before becoming a Principal Consultant. In that role, she worked with clients on IT strategy and planning, best practices, organizational design and change management, with a focus on governance, IT service management and project management.

Presentation: Three Actions to Shape Organizational Culture

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